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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 27, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the all night celebration if san francisco's castro district is just the beginning. the city is about to host the largest ever lesbian bisexual transgender event after yesterday's decision. >> good morning, from businesses to police, san francisco is getting prepared for the greatly anticipated pride celebration and parade. cornell bernard joins from the castro. this event is of historical
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significance now? >> absolutely. organizers of this year's pride parade say they are gorying up for a party like no other. almost 1.5 million people are expected in san francisco this weekend to celebrate two major court victories, a celebration which started at this intersection, castro and market last night. >> thousands celebrated two major supreme court rulings, but struck down the federal defense of marriage act and california's prop 8. today the news is still sinking in. >> i would writing to be in the moment. after waiting so long, it is hard to be in the moment, but, yeah, be in the moment. ought victories are expected to make the pride parade the largest in history. 1.4 million people are now expected to be in san francisco for the pride event. the security plan is being changed because of this. >> the police -- is adding additional staffing in uniform
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capacity and plain clothes capacity along the parade route on saturday. it will be at the civic center and the castro. >> bars and restaurants have record business on wednesday night after the ruling, and they are now prepared for massive crowds. >> we ran out of beer last night so we tripled our order for the coming three days, especially on saturday. >> how much beach might you sell? >> last night we went through something like 30-plus cases. that is a lot. >> that is a lot. the san francisco police department expects this weekend to be safe and peaceful but they urge the public to report figure they see suspicious to the police department. if you are coming to the parade, they hope everyone takes public transportation. >> thank you, senator feinstein has reintroduce add measure to repeal doma the federal defense of marriage act although the
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scout struck down a key part of the act as unconstitutional. the high court ruled legally married gay couples must receive the same federal tax, social security, health and other benefits as heterosexual couples. feinstein says a thousand federal laws affected by the defense of marriage act still need to be fixed and says repealing this will make sure it is gone. >> a triple shooting in bayview district at gilman avenue near 3rd street north of candlestick point. they are looking for up to three suspects. the victims were rushed to the hospital. there are a lot of police on the scene. no word on their conditions. >> oakland police are on the scene of a deadly shooting with investigators putting up crime tape now. one person was found shot and killed if a home after 9:00 this
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morning. >> oakland police are investigating a second fatal shooting that happened on a street and 98th avenue near international boulevard at 5:30 this morning. neighbors and investigators are at the scene and police say they had reports of shots fired. when they arrived they found the victim suffering to gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. police have not arrested anyone yet. >> in the south bay the man accused murdering missing morgan hill teenager was in court. a hearing was underway an hour ago for garcia torres in super bowl court. he did not enter a plea. he was arrested in may on murder charges although the girl's body was now been found vanishing on the way to school two months earlier. he is charged with attempted kidnapping and carjacking if attacks on others in 2009. >> cleveland judge ordered a mental health evacuation for the
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map accused of holding three women captive for a decade. the 52-year-old is phasing 300 counts rape and kidnapping and aggravated murder for causing a victim to lose the baby she was carrying. the judge wants to make sure that castro is mentally competent to stand trial. >> a former south african president nelson mandela is in critical condition and possibly on life support. family members are by his side at the hospital. katie marzullo has been following this story all morning. katie? >> it is nighttime in south africa right now and there is a large crowd gathered at the hospital but as you mentioned, his family is inside with him. they do say that he is critical but, also, stable, and the president of south africa is calling that an improvement. >> outside the hospital people are praying. and singing. they keeping vigil as mandela suffers from a lung infection.
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the government says his condition became critical a few days ago. this morning, the president says his condition has "improved to stable." his granddaughters arrived at the hospital this morning and said the same thing. his daughter's out look is teetering between optimistic and bleak. >> he doesn't look good, i will not lie but for us, his children and grandchild we have this hope because when we talk to him he will try to open his eyes. >> his grandchild left his side this morning only to collect some of the flowers and messages people had left for him outside the hospital. >> we do appreciate that he is loved. people love him. and the support is immense. >> rebound is in senegal and will travel to south africa in the coming days. this morning, he called mandela a personal hero. >> if and when he nasas from
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this place, one thing we will all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages. >> the president canceled a trip to stay close to mandela and his doctors when the time comes. it will be his job to announce that mandela has passed away. >> family, friends, stars and fans gathered to pay their respects to james gandolfini in new york city. his funeral service was held at a historic cathedral in manhattan. gandolfini's wife thanks her late husband for their five years of marriage. the 51-year-old star died after having a heart attack on vacation in rome with his family. gandolfini was also remembered as larger than life by his friend, david chase, the creator of "sopranos." >> a set back for a young organ
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transplant recipient and the girl who spark add national debate still has a long road to recovery.
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>> governor brown is ready to sign a new state budget and here is the state capital with the signing ceremony about to get underway.
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the $96 billion plan will take place on monday and the governor will sign legislation expanding the health care program part of the national overhaul and we will have the details coming up tonight on abc7 news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. >> intensifying war of wards this morning teen bart and the unions. bart says they have put a new contract proposal on the table to avoid a potential strike in a few days but the unions are crying foul. abc7 news is at bart headquarters with new developments. >> two sides scheduled to be back at the table right now and negotiations were set to start at 11 but, first, we had a news conference here with bart officials proudly announcing a new offer but it did not go over very well. >> bart is putting a new comprehensive pack only on the stable and we are addressing moving toward the unions'
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position on pensions, benefits, and salaries. >> this announce the by bart officials this morning did not make union represents happy. they didn't like being surprised . >> we know nothing about a proposal and they are negotiating for the public. that is unfair practice. unfair labor practice. they should negotiate to us. they should bring it to us, negotiate, and then something positive comes out and announce it. >> european leaders have been negotiating about a pay raise and crime. the leaders were feeling proud of their offer but it felt flat. >> an example of how we work with the unions, we see there is a problem and we fix it. >> she has to work to a car by herself, how about a canopy they
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are spending $2.1 million will help? how? >> riders are preparing for a possible strike. >> one commuter pointed out this hurts casual car pool those coming from the east bay say they rely on bart to get them home. >> the car pool only takes you into the city...but not back. so people have to take a bus. [ inaudible ] >> amy, the signal is breaking up. we want to give you the information. transit information has a page that gives your option if this is a bart strike. we will let you know if a strike called on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. another way to get an alert is through the new abc7 news smartphone app with the latest
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breaking news, weather, and traffic information. the app is free. it is easy to download. >> just go to for the details. the old app will soon go away. the website is >> there is a set back for the pennsylvania girl who won the right to get a lung transplant from an adult donor. the struggle to breathe after the breathing tube was removed. the breathing tube was reinserted. this doesn't change her long term prospects but it means she needs more time to heal. she lives near philadelphia and suffers from severe cystic fibrosis. >> you can say goodbye to high calorie sports drinks and candy bars in vending machines because the agricultural department announced for the first time it will make sure that all foods sold in the 100,000 schools are more healthy by expanding the
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fat and calorie limits during the school day and allows states to regulate student bake sales. this could happen next school year. >> good to know. >> something you do not want to see while trying, the cabin of your plane filling up with what looks like smoke. >> after delta flight took off from jog passengers got a scare when the cabin started to fill with what they thought was smoke. >> it looks scary. >> the plane was shaking and hit turbulence and a passenger took this picture but the smoke turned out to be fog. >> it was created when the 90-degree weather in new york was mixed with cool air from the air conditioning. mike, what do you think of that? the fog wasn't dangerous but the pilot gave everyone on the flight free alcohol. not the kids. the grownups. >> so they have to lose cabin
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pressure for the air masses, for me. >> does it make sense? >> no. no. it doesn't. >> that is their explanation. >> we had fog this morning. >> outside you and see what is going on, one finger pulling across the golden gate bridge from fog left at the coast but the big story is the heat that is on the way and i will tell you where to go to escape it. >> plus, are you craving carbs? you could be addicted to them. >> looking fashionable at any size. top des
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the addiction to food could be a real condition especially carbohydrates. researchers scanned the brains of those taking part in the study after they drink milkshakes with processed carbs and experienced a surge in blood sugar and then a sharp crash four hours later which activated
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a power hunger signal in the area of the brain which is important for addictive behavior. limiting certain foods in the treatment of obese people could help prevent the cravings. >> you don't eat a lot of carbs that are processed. >> but they are so good. >> i am italian, i have to eat bread. >> you have to. >> now, the airplane story, that must have been when they opened the door on the ground and the humid warm air rushed in l is no way they had it while flying, they were probably on the tarmac >> had to think that through. everyone else as home is probably saying "hello." >> our visibility is showing that we are clear other than a few clouds toward bodega bay and along the peninsula coast to pacifica where we have on our
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best cloud cover. as far as what we are doing, that is gorge out, east postcard picture that peter taylor has drawn up for us from emeryville across alcatraz and toward the golden gate bridge. we will talk about what will happen with the future of our weather, mostly sunny today, warmer, still humid, especially with temperatures rising today it will feel more oppressive than yesterday in some areas. our hottest days are tomorrow through tuesday inland and we could get a break next week but it is still going to be warmer-than-average. that is a week away. hopefully that pulls back. doesn't the water look inviting? we have been watching the folks from the america's cup practice and, yes, 50-degree water on 100-degree day? that is do-able. a look at our highs and our averages, two degrees warmer in redwood city and san francisco at 75 and 80 degrees warmer-than-average and a look at hotter weather are los gatos
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and morgan hill, the air mass is. coming up from the south so you are in the throw mid-90's and the south bay is in the low-to-mid 80's like the 86 at san jose. the warmth will spread from mid-80's at los altos and san mateo and then to 70's at millbrae, half moon bay is the warm spot at 70 degrees and 66 in daly city and the sun is setting and it will be hazy as you have the cloud cover thin enough you will see the sun at ocean beach and 678 degrees and mid-70's downtown and south photograph and mid-to-upper 80's through the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 60's at your beaches and berkeley is 78. everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's along the east bay shore and it is a stuffy afternoon, don't get to say that often in the bay area, low-to-mid 90's and i heard the air conditioning running yesterday and probably more today and all the way through, possibly, tuesday. it will be our longest perked of hot weather we have had so far this year the tonight, in the lower elevations in the upper 50's to mid-60's but above we a
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thousand feet it will be in the 80's. at the coast, we will have a few clouds and temperatures in the mid-50's. high pressure is pushing the jet stream to the north but over the four corners region with the clockwise flow that is expanding that desert heat up toward us so it is hot and dry air that is coming our way and that is why i think the humid days are numbered. 90's through the central valley and 104 in fresno and tomorrow, everyone is in the 100's throughout the central valley and into saturday and if you are thinking of going to palm springs it is a crap shoot, check out the temperatures, near 120 for high and 90's for low. i will quip that -- skip that rest stop. >> at the coast, you are going to be in the 70's but a mile inland it will warm into the 80's so the coast it will be 70's and the beaches. >> thank you, mike.
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>> ladies, you know how the most stylish clothes are made for thin women now the big name designers are creating high end fashions for those who are plus size with new lines to fitful-figured women. retailers say 20 percent of the customers are bigger than size 12 and they want style as much as a thin model on the runway. the designers are making everything from plus-size dresses and jackets to bikinis. >> still ahead, a feeding frenzy, thousands of dolphins swarm the waters off the coast of the southern california city. we have
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>> coming up at 3:00 is katie "the ultimate survival guide." at 5:00, getting the best mileage for your fuel efficient
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scar. michael finney explains the way you drive your car matters. >> the like this, an amazing display of nature off the coast of california. thousands of dolphins forming a mega pod. look at this. they have swarmed san diego waters. it is not clear why they are showing up in giant gatherings like this, but it is not uncommon to see them during this time of year. >> marine experts are saying that the mammals offend follow the food source to shallow water. if you are in the waters, it is magnificent sight. >> a hurricane is falling apart to the south and maybe that has something to do with it. >> thank you,
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hey, baby.ys. good to see you guys. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's returning contestants are the stars of the longest running drama on television. the drama continues today as they are about to face their $100,000 question. from general hospital, please welcome finola hughes and jason thompson. >> yes. [cheers and applause] >> all right. finola and jason. wow. what a day you had yesterday. unbelievable. and you weren't nervous, at all. i noticed, at all. >> inside. >> inside were you


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